Sunday, May 17, 2009

Centrists: Too Lazy to Care

If it is true as claims that Mark Steyn multiculturalists are absolved from any responsibility of actually knowing about other cultures, then “centrists” are the moral equivalent of the multicultural crowd’s lazy first cousins.

Too often, labeling one’s self as “centrist” is just the moral shorthand of saying, “I don’t care.” When asked about abortion, candidate Obama stated that questions about the beginning of life were above his pay grade. Translation: “I don’t care.”

I’m not calling Obama a centrist, he’s clearly not, but centrist do share with him a lack of moral conviction. Centrists avoid the hard work of forming opinions, preferring to let the “cool kids” tell them what they believe. Back to the subject of abortion, centrists will often say that they are personally opposed to it, but they are just okey dokey with other people killing babies. Translation: “If I answer, they’ll make me sit at the dork’s table in the cafeteria.”

If centrists have any credo at all it is, “let’s sit back and see how it all shakes out.” RS McCain points out more clearly than I ever could why cozying up to centrists is a loser’s game. Broken down, you can’t shape opinion by relying on people who have no interest in holding an opinion.

Who draws the bigger crowds these days-Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck OR Keith Olbermann, Chris Mathew, Anderson Cooper? The first group appeals to people who have opinions and care deeply about the future of their country. The latter group appeals, as their ratings show, to people who don’t care.

Here’s your sign, GOP. Millions of people are deeply committed to conservative values. We vote. Are you really willing to throw us under the bus in favor of people who rarely vote and don’t care?

h/t The Other McCain


Dave C said...

Anderson Cooper.

not the other way around..

but I wouldn't see either one if it was up to me.

Carol said...

Thanks, Dave. I've been ass backwards all day.