Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Unbearable Nothingness of Meghan McCain

For reasons that escape me, Meghan McCain’s fifteen minutes of fame have now stretched out to what feels like a decade. Meghan violates the basic tenet of “Truth in Advertising” by calling herself a Republican. Like father, like daughter.

The thing is, does she have to be so damned tedious?

"Bristol Palin's new abstinence campaign shines a light on the Republican Party's unhealthy attitude about sex and desire."

What the hell does that mean? What unhealthy attitudes? Most conservatives I know believe that sex is an incredible physical and emotional act that should be enjoyed. Often. Where we differ from our rutting dog liberal brethren is that progressives limit their conversation to the physical side of the equation. Liberals remove all context from “The Act.” There is no emotion aside from a the perfunctory “oh, baby” and certainly no consequences. Sex is a series of solitary stand alone acts. Pathetic.

Meghan is obviously ill equipped to deal with sex, or any other important subject matter, in any detailed, thoughtful manner. Perhaps when she grows up we’ll see some glimmer of thoughtfulness. In the mean time, the Left should be ashamed of their cheap child exploitation.

h/t The Other McCain and Gateway Pundit

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