Thursday, May 28, 2009

No Misplaced Empathy For A Racist

Could there be a starker example of how ineffectual the Republican Party has become than the party’s reaction to Sonia Sotomayer’ nomination? We have a radical President who is bent on turning the United States in to a super-sized Cuba and for his pick to the Supreme Court he’s given us someone who can be described in three words: activist, racist and sexist. Did I mention that she is a card carrying member of La Raza? For those of you who aren’t familiar with La Raza, “The Race”, they advocate among other things driver’s licenses and voter rights for illegals. They also believe that large swaths of the United States- California, Texas, Arizona, etc., aren’t really part of the United States.

So what has been the official party reaction to all this? Well, they are more concerned with offending someone than ensuring that a nominee to the Supreme Court upholds our Constitution. My suggestion to the ‘leadership’ is-if you don’t want to offend Hispanics then stop treating them like children. Of course Hispanics are proud of Sotomayer’s nomination, but for the most part, Hispanics are also deeply conservative. If the leadership clearly lays out the case against Sotomayer’s nomination, without bringing race in to it, the majority of Hispanics will understand the argument.

The leadership should follow William A. Jacobsen’s advice and call on the White House to release the Sotomayer memos. Put everything on the table and then make a decision with fealty to our Constitution. Sotomayer does indeed have a compelling story, but I feel no more empathy towards her than she showed a white male fire fighter.


Anonymous said...

We have a radical President who is bent on turning the United States in to a super-sized CubaLove the line, hate the thought and Sotomayor should double up on her estrogen. Maybe that will calm the witch down.

OH, since it's Friday, save some damn beer, huh?

Carol said...

Too late.