Thursday, May 21, 2009

The NRSC: Marketing a Flimsier Product

“The flimsier the product, the higher the price” comes in at number 82 in the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition. Right now the NRSC is peddling a flimsy product and the price couldn’t be higher. Look at the product line they are putting out on the market. There model is at best the generic version of the Democrat brand. But in this case, the generic comes with a much higher price.
First, if they manage to flood the market with their product, and Lord knows they’re trying, it will effectively cost us our two party system. Basically there will be one party but it will sold under two different labels.

Second, there will be no We the People, no representation. You can not bring a product to market without money and it is the NRSC and the party leadership that has the money.
The price of business as usual is too high. We need a new marketing plan that builds on the grassroots network that is already in place. We need a virtual Tea Party. We have a superior product and as conservatives we need to come together and start advertising it.

Following the lead set by Not One Red Cent, let’s keep this movement viral and spread the virus far and wide. The Left, with a whole lot of help from our Republican leadership, are doing their best to keep us isolated up on the ridge. It’s time to charge the field.

We can advertise our product cheap. All it will take is promoting the blogs that are already speaking out. How many people do you email a day? Throw in a “hey, check out Not One Red Cent.” If you have a conservative candidate in your area, put the word out. Tell me. I’m grateful for the attention Marco Rubio is getting both in my state of Florida and without. I may be a small blog but I’ll promote any conservative candidate anywhere.

We have the better product. Let’s go out and multiply.

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