Saturday, May 23, 2009

Individuals Versus Followers

Democrats have a ‘ruling class’ mentality. They look at the citizenry and see a flock that needs a Sheppard to keep them on the correct path. This mindset favors the group over the individual and can be summed up by “we know better than you.”

Enter Gen. Colin Powell, who inexplicably announced this week that people want to pay more taxes and want bigger government. On the surface it appears that Powell has gotten hold of some bad weed but actually he isn’t reflecting the will of the people, he is projecting the wisdom of the ruling class on to them.

This is the same mistake the NRSC is making. They are confusing their constituency with a flock. Conservatism is not about groupthink and it is not ’top down’. If the NRSC wants to represent our party they need to lose their “we will tell you” attitude and start listening again.

Sadly, listening doesn’t appear to be the NRSC’s forte and if I don’t see any evidence of an attitude change in Doug Hagin’s post on the NRSC response to Not One Red Cent. NRSC spokesman Brian Walsh oozes superiority as he explains that the NRSC isn’t telling anyone what to think, they are simply telling people what they should think. Can anyone honestly say that they are surprised that this kind of leadership, a polyester blend of fuzziness and elitism, has resulted in a two cycle thumping?

Elitism is killing the Republican Party. Elitism is dependent on adherents and admirers. That is not what the Republican Party is about.

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