Saturday, May 23, 2009

Random Thoughts

In my daily trip around the World Wide Web I came across several posts at Memeorandum that led to some random thoughts.

Conservatives have missed a golden opportunity on water-boarding. By playing the whole ‘water-boarding isn’t torture game conservatives are slanting the argument in the liberals favor. Torture is defined by the person on the receiving end. Get over trying to prove whether or not water-boarding constitutes torture. When I was a kid, my Mom insisted that I eat a “no thank you” helping of all manner of repulsive food stuffs that were stomach churning, tear producing torture. Instead of quibbling over the definition of torture be proud of the fact that there were no other attacks after 9/11. The moral “high ground” doesn’t belong to those who would rather that their own children be incinerated that put a caterpillar in a box with a terrorist.

Politico thinks the RNC is being mean to poor sixty-nine year old female Nancy Pelosi? When did Politico board the “nice” train? First, Pelosi doesn’t get a pass by virtue of her age or her gender. Second, does Politico reserve this level of deference across the political spectrum? Hardly. However, I am willing to defend Pelosi. The Speaker of the House is the third most powerful person in our government. It is unforgivable to reduce someone who has achieved so much to nothing more than their age or sex. Politico should be ashamed of itself.

The kicker of the day isn’t Obama admitting that we’ve run out of money. The real boot in the backside is that we’ve elected a President who seems determined to change short term problems in to long term catastrophes. Mr. President, anyone can tell you, when you start paying your credit card bill with a credit card you are in deep doo doo. Spend less, not more.

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