Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

The first entry in the "baby book" read in part, "...they put her in Don's arms. His eyes filled up with tears as he held her close and said, "this is my daughter."

The scene took place at The Methodist Children's Home ten days after my birth.

If my life were a movie my Mom would be the director and my Dad the leading man. My Mom worked behind the scenes setting up every shot, making sure everything went smoothly and that everyone knew their part.

Diagnosed with MS in her late teens, Mom's life could have been so much different. But instead of feeling sorry for herself she viewed her illness as a challenge. In her mind, MS had been given to her not to weaken her, but to make her stronger. It worked.

The greatest gift my Mom gave me was the ability to face challenges. I've passed the gift on to my own daughter. She and my Mom are so much alike.

Happy Mother's Day.

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