Wednesday, September 16, 2009

ACCORN: The Left Shrugs and Spins

Via Memeorandum:

How has the Left responded to the ACORN scandal?

The Daily Kos uses the story to attack Sen. David Vitter.
Think Progress uses the story to attack Sen. David Vitter.
The Political Carnival uses the story to attack Sen. David Vitter

No outrage that an organization is committing fraud on the taxpayer’s dime. Child prostitution? Not worth mentioning. Has the entire Left taken complete leave of their morals as well as their minds? Are we to understand that the Left is okay with the numerous instances of lawlessness depicted on the tapes?

Apparently the Left has ‘evolved’ beyond the lowly concepts of right and wrong. In Progressiveville, has shame become passĂ©.

Those of us who still exists on a more earthly plain are shocked by the behavior we’ve seen on the ACCORN tapes. In our little corner, crime and punishment still exists. So, let the Left ignore or spin the ACCORN story. We won’t and I promise you, we will push this story wherever it leads.

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