Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Health Care Coup?

Paco brings word of a possible health care coup:

Gateway Pundit is reporting that Obama and the Democrats are seriously considering the "nuclear option": using the budget reconciliation process to force their nationalization of health care on the American people.

Here's an idea: if the donks do this, every Republican member of the Senate and the House should walk out. And padlock the doors behind them.

Today at the Tampa/Lakeland Tea Party Marco Rubio was asked if we elect him to the US Senate would he promise to work to repeal ObamaCare if it is passed. He answered that our first job is to stop ObamaCare from being passed to begin with because once the Dems build the foundation, each year they will continue to work on the overall structure until they have a completed building. That building is single payer health care. The time to stop it is now, before the first brick has been laid. This is a statement Marco put out a few days ago:

We need Marco in the US Senate and fifty-nine more like him.