Sunday, September 13, 2009

Who You Gonna Believe, Your Own Two Eyes Or ABC's Lying Lips?

Memeorandum is all afire with the "numbers" stories from yesterday's March on Washington. A few of the headlines are Size Matters, So Do Lies, ABC News Was Misquoted on Crowd Size and the obligatory left wing slap at Michelle Malkin, UPDATED: Malkin's 2 million protester claim; its like the blind leading the blind (a prime example of why main stream media no longer matters).

It seems like everyone the Left has come down with a severe case of tunnel vision to go along with their long standing bout of rabies complicated extreme rigour mortise. Anyone with a brain, which I realize immediately rules out the MSM and the rest of their Leftists me-too doper friends in the blogosphere, can clearly see the size of the crowds:

By denying the obvious they only show themselves to be delusional half-wits.

In addition to the photos at Michelle's, The Daley Gator has an impressive roundup as well. All I know is the word "SHEESH" was invented strictly for the morons on the Left.

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