Saturday, September 19, 2009

ACORN Shutting Down as Much as Forty Percent of Its Offices-It Is Not Enough

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The LA Times is reporting that ACORN scaling back or shutting down in many cities:

The community activist group is taking no new clients while it investigates its operations, which have been dragged down by the poor economy and recent scandals.

While ACORN certainly has been the subject of recent scandals, ACORN has a long history of scandal and mismanagement. Aside from participating in voter fraud in dozens of states, there is that little matter of the million dollar embezzlement that the brother of ACORN’s founder Wade Rathke committed:

"It comes as no surprise that ACORN founder and chief organizer Wade Rathke hid his brother's embezzlement of nearly $1 million dollars from the 'charitable' organization's employees, board of directors, and donors. This is just one more page in ACORN's corrupt history, which already includes election fraud investigations in at least a dozen states, hypocritical and oppressive employment practices, and a political agenda driven by a handful of anti-corporate activists. …”

Further adding to ACORN’s ill repute is the fact that Rathke is a co-founder of the SEIU whose own shaky reputation makes it a perfect fit for ACORN. Any talk of ACORN and SEIU is not complete without including Pres. Barack Obama:

Dale Rathke embezzled money from ACORN totaling about $950k. Apparently, commitments have been made to return about $210k, for a total of $740k still missing.

Barack Obama's campaign paid ACORN, via a political consulting affiliate, $830k, but ACORN says that they only received $80, leaving $750k unaccounted for.

Dale Rathke embezzled this money in the period of 1999-2000, when Barack Obama was running for US Congress with the backing of SEIU Local 880 and ACORN. SEIU Local 880 is basically ACORN controlled. Rathke even filed the LM-2 form with the Department of Labor in 2000, signing it as "Treasurer", which
I have previously written about.

Obama, ACORN, SEIU 880, and Rep. Danny Davis, appeared to act together in a number of local political engagements.

According to the Time’s report, as many as 40% of ACORN’s offices are closing their door’s. On the 18th, Donald Douglas reported at American Power that is local Orange County ACORN had shut down over night.

After years of corruption perpetrated against taxpayers while funded by taxpayers, it is gratifying to see some measure of justice served. However, ACORN’s tentacles are far spread and the taxpayer’s in this country will not be protected until everyone of those tentacles have been cut off.

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