Friday, September 11, 2009

I Weep With You

Carol has posted a video of our dear fellow citizens as they jumped to their deaths from the Twin Towers on 9/11.

It is impossible to watch the video without feeling incredible heartbreak. I felt the tears roll down my face as I watched. I am still angry and sad and I intend to stay that way. I have no intention of "getting over it" or "moving on" because the people whose lives were stolen deserve better and their families deserve better.

The day that we become so coarse that we grow tired of honoring our fallen will be the day that Islamic fascists truly win because on that day we will prove them right. They believe that we are a shallow, corrupt society without honor. Is there anything more shallow, more corrupt and less honorable than turning your back and walking away from an attack on your country and the deaths of innocent people?

Pundette quotes Mark Steyn:

At Ground Zero and in that field in Pennsylvania, we broke faith with the
dead. What a small number of brave civilians did on Flight 93 was magnificent.
The feeble passivity of their wretched memorial — the "crescent of embrace" or
whatever nancified modification is on the table this week — is a national
disgrace. [. . .]

The president of the United States congratulates himself on his
fearlessness in standing up for the right of a woman to choose to wear a hijab
but won't say a word about the young Muslim girls murdered by their families in
America, Canada, Britain, Sweden, Germany, and around the world for choosing not
to wear a hijab. As is now traditional for the observances of the anniversary,
the media offer their doleful reports on American Muslims' "fears" of a "backlash" against them, even though the post-9/11 period has been an era not of Islamophobia but of weirdly insistent Islamophilia. And in our broader culture, self-loathing,
trutherism, and other fin du civilisation poses run rampant, even unto the heart of the government.

We can not forget. I will not forget.

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