Saturday, September 26, 2009

Carol Browner, Socialism and Cap & Trade

Doug Ross brings us the story of Climate Change Czar Carol Browner. Browner is a perfect fit for the Obama administration. She is a long term member of Commission for a Sustainable World Society, a part of the Socialists International.

Conservatives are often accused of scaremongering when they claim left-wing
environmentalists are actually socialists hiding behind green disguises. But
with Carol Browner, incoming President Barack Obama's freshly appointed
Assistant to the President for Energy and Climate Change - the so-called White
House "Climate Czar" - there is no question about the socialism. Browner is a
member of the Commission for a Sustainable World Society (CSWS), which is a
formal organ of the Socialist International. Oddly enough, the group's web site
was recently scrubbed to remove Browner's picture and biography, but her name is
still listed next to the photo-biographies of her 14 colleagues on the
commission. The Socialist International is no group of woolly-headed idealists.
It is an influential assembly of officials from across the international
community whose official Statement of Principles describes an agenda of gaining
and exercising government power based on socialist concepts.

Cap and Trade has been on the back burner because of the ObamaCare fight. That doesn’t mean that the Administration has forgotten about it. Obama made a point to emphasize climate change at the UN this week. Carol Browner, who believes in “environmental justice”, is charged with bringing the president’s environmental tax and regulation scheme to pass. Through regulation, the administration will control the means of production for our entire energy industry. We, the taxpayers will pay for this regulation with increased costs not only to heat and cool our homes, but also by paying more for every good and service we buy. The ultimate result will a lower standard of living. Isn’t that the goal of Socialists?

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