Sunday, September 27, 2009

Who Is Donating To Charlie Crist, And Why?

From the Orlando Sentinel:

And a half-dozen attorneys with Orlando trial lawyer John Morgan's Morgan & Morgan mega-law firm maxed out at a fundraiser that netted $300,000 for Crist in June. Crist's lieutenant governor, Jeff Kottkamp, is a former partner in the Morgan firm.

Morgan, a Democrat, is supporting Alex Sink in the governor's race against Republican Bill McCollum. But he said Crist will be the top draw for those willing to open their checkbooks this political season.

"Charlie Crist is the blueprint for Republicans, if they are going to be a
national party instead of a bunch of angry male rednecks in the South,"
Morgan said. (emphasis mine)

I started thinking about Crist's fundraising after reading Jimmie Bise's Want Some Real Reporting, Conservatives? You’ll Have to Pay for It. Jimmie mentioned that Crist had raised 4.3 million dollars last quarter. Given Marco Rubio's support among Republicans in Florida, as evidenced here, I started wondering who might be throwing all that money at Crist, and why.

Obviously Crist doesn't care where his money comes from but the having a major donor turn out to be a Democrat with a bad attitude towards Southerners certainly provide voters in Florida with food for thought. Combine this with the words of Tom Pinson, a former Crist donor and CEO from the Tampa Bay area:

“What is Charlie thinking? Has Charlie gone Progressive Socialist on us?
Why he is 100% silent on every issue that is hurting Florida jobs and our
economy?” said Pinson.

Ouch. And then there is this:

“He [Crist] has also refused to condemn ACORN and what Congress is doing wrong with national healthcare, debt, Cap & Trade, No energy Plan, No solutions for Business owners to create jobs, and how the Obama spending plan is bankrupting the government.”

Yet the money keeps rolling in.

Which brings me back to the point of Jimmie's post-we need good Conservative investigative reporters who know how to look in to stories that are important to Conservatives. I would like to know why prominent Democrats are backing Charlie Crist. Anybody know a reporter who knows how to dig?

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Stacy McCain can.

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