Sunday, September 20, 2009

FMJRA-Liars to the Left of us, Frauds on Left as well, No time to be stuck in the middle

I am willing to bet that Eric Boehlert of Media Matters wishes he could take back his piece A President Was Killed The Last Time Right-wing Hatred Ran Wild Like This. Boehlert’s dishonest re-write of history was met with an outpouring from throughout the photosphere:

Jimmie Bise at The Sundries Shack:

I’m not sure where Eric Boehlert learned his history, but whichever school it was should demand that he stop embarrassing them.

Carol at No Sheeples Here:

Mr. Boehlert, sir, you are a shameful and petty liar. Yes, I said LIAR. Your willingness to abandon history in order to incite those on your side of the political spectrum is a dangerous and irresponsible game of political expediency.


Remember, Media Matters’ sole reason for existence is to give journalists who are already hopelessly deep in the tank a certain degree of comfort in their already-held views. So it’s not about convincing anyone who pays actual attention. . . .

Ed Driscoll:

Are there nuts on the right? Of course; there are nuts in any group that contains millions of people. But despite a boomer history that begins right around the time Donald Draper moved into the corner office at Sterling-Cooper, just as not all wars are Vietnam part II, not all scandals are Watergate Part II, and not all protests are the South of the early 1960s.


Uh huh. And we all remember what happened when a certain radical right-winger — who defected to the Soviet Union, married a Russian woman, and tried to assassinate a far-right anti-communist American general — got JFK in the crosshairs in Dallas. Why, it reminds me of what happened when radical left-winger Timothy McVeigh finally executed his plot against the Murrah building in Oklahoma City.

William Teach:

There’s another phrase I would like to use to describe Media Matters, but since I am cross posting, I’ll leave that phrase to your imagination. Eric Boehlert goes full on barking moonbat unhinged, not to mention History Challenged
Dan Riehl:

Today’s Left in America is sick, disturbed and dangerous. I wouldn’t recommend turning your back on, or losing sight of them if you can help it. There aren’t enough, or the right words to describe how truly pathetic they have become.

Of course, over the past week it has been all ACORN all the time because two young amatuer journalists managed to do something that no one in the MSM was up to; show just how deep the corruption at ACORN runs

Over at The Daley Gator the question of the day is, “Are Democrats Insane or Just Plain Insane?” Yes.

Smitty at The Other McCain:

I've got a feeling that Senator Gillibrand's motives may resemble those of Senator Roland Burris: somebody acknowledging who put them in their current position.

Troglopundit’s rep., Tammy Baldwin, voted against de-funding ACORN. I feel your pain.

American Power: Must see ACORN cartoons!

Another Black Conservative:

This time the ACORN employee Juan uses his vast illegal alien smuggling skills to assist Giles and O’Keefe bring the underage prostitutes into America. Juan claims to have friends who are in the DA’s office. Juan is even interesting in “renting” Giles. All in a days work of corruption at your local ACORN office!

And so it goes in Shreveport:

These ACORN videos keep getting weirder and weirder. Even though Tresa Kaelke is a bonafide nutcase, she is consistent with the other videos in her assistance and support of the underage prostitution thing.


Apparently ACORN is not radioactive enough for 75 Democrats in the House of Representatives. Barney Frank took the coward's way out.

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