Saturday, September 12, 2009

Overwhelming Crowd Marches on Washington DC-UPDATED!

Via Memeorandum

Stephen Green is getting out the info on the Washington DC march over at VodkaPundit. CNN is reporting that two million people have flowed in to the capitol for today’s march. Judging from the pictures put up at Instapundit, the estimates may not be far off.

Also via Instapundit:

Jimmie Bise at The Sundries Shack is blogging news of Tea Parties throughout the country and has a report with pictures of Michelle Malkin's speech in Texas. Jimmie also calls out a smacking talking Alan Colmes:

Meanwhile, if there’s anyone working in the media today who would have extensive experience with teabagging, it’s Alan Colmes. Also, he’s a dirty stinking liar and I challenge him to a debate on his contention that the tea party protests oppose health care reform. You and me, 15 minutes a piece, any neutral ground. Let’s see if you have any spine, you dried up piece of offal.

It appears the spin from the most insane members of the left isn’t working quite so well.

My favorite picture so far is from VodkaPundit:

Stacy McCain is in DC and has started to post on the march.

I'll update as the stories come in.


Michelle Malkin has great coverage including picures and video:

Stacy is updating:

Meanwhile, VodkaPundit did a telephone interview with Barbara -- on my cell phone. And Vodka also responds to a particularly idiotic attack. A week ago, I wrote:

Ace finally lost patience with LGF's Charles Johnson over the Van Jones controversy. In exasperation, Ace's cri de coeur was: "This is like arguing with a woman of the more irrational sort."If you're too crazy for Ace, you're just too damned crazy. CJ tried to purge both Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer. You can't build a coalition by the process of subtraction.

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