Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Axelrod: As The Worm Squirms

Via Doug Ross:

Obama repeatedly touts the importance of insurance "portability" saying that if a person loses their job or changes jobs under his plan the insurance will ever the person goes. That is certainly one form of portability but not the most important.

Making insurance portable across state lines would, without costing the taxpayer a dime, increase competition and lower costs making health care more affordable for all. What's not to love about a legislative change that provides a free market solution that would help families across the nation while keeping the taxpayer's money safe within their own pockets? Apparently, the big government nanny staters and President Obama.

American Thinker has the video of presidential waterboy David Axelrod trying to no avail to avoid answering Wolf Blitzer's questions on why Pres. Obama opposes allowing insurance companies operate across state lines. Axelrod practically pretzels himself before he blurts out the lame and blatantly false charge that the change would be "symbolic." Priceless.

The story and video is here.


Anonymous said...

Opening up insurance across state lines will work great! I'm sure my doctor in South Florida will accept that cheap insurance from a provider he's never heard of from Nevada. Let's get this going ASAP!!!

Carol said...

Actually, the insurance would work exactly as it does now. Just as your doctor's office verifies coverage now they would continue to do so. The goal is to able to purchase health insurance the same way we buy car insurance and having the ability to enjoy the economies of scale and competition.