Thursday, September 10, 2009

Joe Wilson Simply Said What We All Were Thinking

I can't count how during Obama's speech last night I looked at my television and shouted, "liar!" When Rep. Joe Wilson said his now infamous, "You lie!" I gave him a rousing, cheering, standing ovation. The look on Nancy Pelosi's face was the icing on the cake.

Democrats are aghast! Apparently the election of Barack Obama was such a momentous event that all knowledge of any event prior to January 20, 2009 was excised from the brains of the party faithful who are claiming with straight faces that no other president has been ill-treated during a speech before Congress. Wrong, so wrong. But what can you expect from a party who claims that no other president has been subjected to Hitler/swastika symbolism prior to The One? So, are Democrats suffering from extreme memory loss or has the Democratic Party become the party of liars? Both.

Michelle Malkin has it right when she calls the Democrat's reaction to Wilson "manufactured outrage." The outrage was manufactured out of thin air and Wilson's charge was absolutely correct.

The president's speech was one huge smear of Conservatives laced with half truths and outright lies. Every Conservative should call him out on it.

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