Thursday, September 17, 2009

Rep Kathy Castor is an Embarrassment to Her Constituents-UPDATED


What flippin planet to these progressive freaks live on? From Smitty at The Other McCain:

Joe Conason at Salon:

The right-wing crusade against ACORN is a far bigger fraud than any misdeeds a few employees might have committed...

Pointing out fraud committed on the taxpayer dollar is worse, WORSE than committing the fraud? It is worse than being nonchalant about child prostitution? Am I dab smack in some unbelievable ParodyWorld? Have these people never heard of evil?


Here's the email response I received from Rep. Kathy Castor:

***This is an automatically generated response to let you know that your message has been received***

I appreciate your email regarding your concerns and views. It is important for me to learn of issues that are so important to you and our entire community.

Please know that I am committed to serving all of the constituents of District 11. I am working hard to reduce the costs of health care, increase access to education, and bring more accountability to the halls of Congress.

Thank you again for sharing your thoughts, your input is timely and appreciated.

Kathy CastorUnited States RepresentativeFlorida, District 11

"...bring more accountability to the halls of Congress..." Who are you kidding Rep. Castor? Don't talk to me about bringing more accountability to the halls of Congress when in reality, what you are bringing is MY tax dollars to ACORN to benefit YOUR next 'get out the vote' program.


My excitement over the House's 345 -75 vote to de-fund ACORN has been short lived. My first thought upon hearing the news was, "so who are the seventy-five bone heads who voted against de-funding ACORN?" Number eight on the list of "nays" turns out to be Rep. Kathy Castor, my representative.

I immediately got the phone and email to spread the word of Castor's betrayal of her local constituents. After calling friends and family I called Castor's local office. A young man answered the phone and let me say my piece. At the end of my lengthy vent, the bored sounding young man said he would pass my concerns along. I immediately felt that nothing was going to be "passed along" so I emailed Castor to ensure that she was informed of the depth of my disgust and shame towards her.

Kathy Castor held a disastrous townhall in Tampa early in August. It was clear at the townhall that Castor was holding the meeting for her union contributors, not her constituents. This should not have surprised me, Castor's single largest campaign donors are Labor unions according to OpenSecrets.Org. In second place on the list of donors-Lawyers & Lobbyists.

ACORN has been shown engaging in and encouraging illegal activities at five separate locations. Most disturbing, not one employee at any of those offices raised any objection to underage girls being brought in to the country illegally to be used as prostitutes. The actions of the ACORN employees has been morally reprehensible and indefensible, yet Kathy Castor would rather side with these criminals than her own taxpaying constituents.

To continue to fund ACORN is to tacitly approve of their illegal acts and this is exactly what Castor did when she cast her "nay" vote. Thankfully, the vast majority of the House understood this and voted for the measure. Castor on the other hand, has shown herself to be cut of the same morally deficient cloth as the ACORN that she supports. Kathy Castor is unfit to serve the people in my district.

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Kathy Castor has to GO! Her Pro-Gay, high tax agenda is a attack on traditional marriages, and JOBS!! She must be a Closet lesbian herself! She's never had a real job, and nows the time to kick her ass out of office!