Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Did He Call Obama 'Ordinary'?

Via Memeorandum:

Unless I missed something, I think at Politico, Jeremy Lott called President Obama 'ordinary.' So, so. Run of the mill. Actually, he said that Obama is "failing miserably," but I'm glad his policies are failing so I'm going to skip over that for a moment.

Lott is comparing Obama to pre-9/11 President Bush. I have the feeling that Lott considers Bush a talentless schmuck who stumbled in to the presidency and "got lucky" when the planes came in. Yep, Pres. "somewhere a village is missing an idiot" Bush, did a pretty darn good job of getting his agenda through. On the other hand, we have The One, the Way and the Light, and he's falling flat. It just doesn't make sense, does it?

It makes perfect sense. I never understood it but for some reason, candidate Obama made an emotional connection with many voters. Part of it, I believe, is that his candidacy gave a bunch of white non-racists a tangible means to show that they were non-racists. That is not to say that whites who voted against Obama were racists, it is just they were more secure in their non-racism. Further, Obama is young, not hard to look at and when he doesn't appear to be suffering from a massive nicotine fit, fairly well spoken. Compare that to John McCain.

So what happened? Reality. Back during the campaign, those of us on the Right kept saying that Obama had no experience doing anything. Those roosters have now come home. He simply doesn't have enough experience to be good, let alone great. Or in Peter Principal speak, "cream raises to the top and clabbers." Obama has been promoted beyond his ability.

Secondly, and now we're back to his policy failures, he is pushing bad policy. Really bad policy. So bad that even people who initially supported him and voted for him have been smacked back to reality. He talks about "change" but his ideas are no newer today than they were in 1917 when Lenin had them.

Yes, Obama is failing miserably. Thank God.

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