Sunday, September 13, 2009

United We Stand

Over the course of the last few months I have had an awakening. I have always followed politics in my state of Florida, but to be honest, prior to the Stimulus Bill and Cap and Trade and the bailouts and now ObamaCare, I never spent one moment thinking about S. Dakota or Washington or any other state. I suddenly realized how important it is that I get informed and support candidates who share my values because no matter what state they represent, every single member of the United States Congress affects my life.

Yesterday I had the privledge of listenning to a speaker who has the opportunity to affect not only my life but the lives of every citizen in this country in a positive way. Every member of Congress has taken an oath to defend and be faithful to the US Constitution but once the swearing in is over, they forget their oath and defend nothing more or less than their own re-election. We can not continue to elect officials who serve only themselves. The stakes have grown too high.

Please view the following videos of Marco Rubio speaking at the Lakeland Republican Club on September 2, 2009. We need this man, and more like him, in the US Senate. I am not only asking you to support Marco, but also to find the Marco in your state and get me the information so that I may support him or her as well.

We showed yesterday that we can come together as a united voice for freedom. We can turn this country around by remaining unified in forwarding our message in one very loud voice.

At the end of the second video it refers to "part three" but I couldn't find it anywhere. If anyone does, please email me the link.

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