Sunday, September 20, 2009

Time To Appoint An Independent Prosecutor To Investigate ACORN

Via Memeorandum:

The Chicago Tribune has called for an Independent prosecutor for ACORN. The Tribune outlines the latest scandal:

ACORN employees, without raising an eyebrow, much less calling the police,
explained how the young sex workers could label themselves "performance
artists," underreport their income, evade taxes, fraudulently buy a house to ply
their trade, and, worst of all, import underage girls from Central America to
use as child prostitutes. One ACORN employee helpfully explained that the
teenagers would even be tax-deductible since they would be "dependents," living
in the pimp's house. Some states, led by California, are saying they will
investigate. But this is a national scandal and there ought to be a full-scale
national inquiry. To ensure impartiality -- and the appearance of impartiality
-- political appointees at the U.S. Department of Justice should recuse
themselves. This case demands an independent federal prosecutor.

The American people have no confidence, nor should they, that the current administration is deeply involved with ACORN has been since the days that our president served as their lawyer. Further, as the Tribune points out, Attorney Gen. Holder has shown little desire to prosecute left wings entities, dropping the ball on both the prosecution of former Gov. Bill Richardson on pay for play charges and the prosecution of the new Black Panther Party, whose members were caught on tape engaging in voter intimidation on Election Day.

ACORN and its labor partner the SEIU, are far too cozy with this administration. Too much support has flowed, in both directions, between this administration and these rouge organizations. Only a vigorous investigation by an Independent Prosecutor will restore any measure of confidence for the American people.

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