Sunday, September 13, 2009

Truth in Labeling: Stacy McCain is NOT a Racist, But Charles Johnson is an Asshole

I read Stacy McCain’s posts here, here, here and here and while I admit to curiosity, my initial reaction was “Stacy can handle himself just fine without my help.” The more I thought about Stacy being called a racist the more ticked I got. But still, being tired from standing for hours in the rain yesterday, my lungs hurting like there’s no tomorrow and just general crankiness, I let it go. Yet it kept nagging at me.

So I did something that I really shouldn’t have done-I went over to LGF to check this Charles Johnson guy out and after more perusing than his site deserves, I have come to the conclusion that Johnson doesn’t like anyone. That’s okay, some people were just born to be miserable pricks, but making hate and smug superiority central to one’s life doesn’t excuse batting ugly labels around at will.

Let me make something clear, I have attached the label “racist” to a few people in my life and I meant it. Racists exist and they should be called out on it. Further, being racist is not confined to any one race, which is why I call our president a racist. Racism, at least in my understanding is not defined by taking pride in one’s own race, heritage or culture but rather, it is the belief that God made one group or another inferior to some or all others. Racists insult my deeply held belief that each of us our children of God and made in his image.

Stacy McCain is not a racist. He is a proud son of the South and as an adopted southerner myself, I believe there is much to be proud of. Mr. Johnson dilutes the word “racist” by using it as a stick to swing at his latest intended target (apparently Johnson is one of those people who is always targeting someone).

So, like Cynthia Yockey, I’ve your back Stacy. And trust me, Johnson does not want to piss me off again.

Aside-why does Johnson have a March on Washington sign up on his site when he obviously holds the movement in such distain?

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Bob Belvedere said...

Give me a regiment full of ladies like you and Cynthia and our enemies would surrender.