Friday, September 18, 2009

Did Media Matters Even Watch Andrew Breitbart On Fox Before They Started Whining?

Via Memeorandum:

Media Matters has a hit piece on Andrew Breitbart's Fox appeareance with Megyn Kelly. During the appearence, Breitbart didn't mince words about the coverage the various "ACORN videos" at CNN. Media Matters accused Breitbart of "whining." Problem is, Breitbart wasn't "whining" as Media Matters claims, he was making a statement of facts. CNN has slanted its coverage in favor of ACORN. CNN rather than reporting the story, has basically regurgitated the ACORN talking points.

I seem to remember from a long ago journalism class that news reporting consists of who, what, where and why. If CNN wants present an opinion piece on the ACORN story then the should label it as such. Media Matters can't be taken seriously when it defends a lack of basic journalism.

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dave in boca said...

MediaMatters is simply a Soros-type and perhaps funded wing of the giant disinformation campaign to buttress Obama & the radical left takeover of the Constitution. MediaMatters ignores the FACT that ACORN is a RICO exercise in racketeering, with the DNC as a major ally. Bigger Government Always Means More Corruption and getting rid of ACORN is pulling one weed out of a rank garden on the far left.

And Breitbart is correct about CNN. Anyone familiar with the news business knows that Jonathan Klein at CNN is an ideological diehard. He’s been trying to rein in Lou Dobbs for years, but Lou is his biggest ratings draw!

CNN’s Sanchez is familiar to us S. Florida types as an adrenalin freak on steroids and has no brains. Breitbart was great during the interview which I saw last nite and it’s apparent that Brobambi and his crybabies in the WH are probably planning or even preparing an agitprop campaign to discredit Fox, the only outlet that dares to question him closely.

This campaign will take place with the help, of course, of the slavish MSM. Which FoxNEWS trounces routinely in the evening/daily ratings. If you can’t beat ‘em with facts, get Big Government to do it with regulation or even better, lawsuits.

The other nets kept lying about the Tea Party DC event and using obscene homosexual acts to describe them, which fits the utter degradation that the left and its propaganda arm has descended to. The ACORN bust should have made them think again, but thinking is their weakest suit and predictably they are still wedded to ideology, not reality.

In their agitprop world, they ironically call themselves “reality-based.” Through a looking glass.

For the most part, they are narcissistic morons, just like Dear Leader Brobambi who may be right now editing his own “Full Ginsberg” weekend, shot yesterday, in the Oval Office while the slavish nets wait outside for the final cut.

It wouldn't surprise me.....