Monday, September 21, 2009

The NEA: The Administration's Propaganda Wing

Via Memeorandum:

For days there has been speculation that another “bombshell” coming from Big Hollywood. It was universally agreed that the scandal would revolve around the NEA, to which I said:

Well the NEA scandal certainly has been ignored by the MSM. The White House
participating in a teleconference with the NEA where it promises funding, i.e.,
taxpayer money, in return for favorable treatment certainly would be scandalous
in any other administration. In this administration it strikes me as right in
line with the decades old, Chicago way, corruption.

Today, Big Hollywood has put out Taxpayer-Funded Propaganda: The ABC’s of the NEA Conference Call, complete with full audio recording and transcript of the conference call between the NEA and the Obama White House.

Am I shocked that an administration would engage in this type of behavior? Absolutely. Am I shocked that this administration would engage in this this type of behavior? Not in the least. I am even less shocked or surprised that NEA would allow itself to be used as the propaganda wing of the Obama administration. After all, why do on your own dime what you can be paid for from the taxpayer’s pocket?

Throughout this country taxpayers are suffering. Many families are scrapping anything that is not an absolute necessity. The NEA is not a necessity, therefore, with taxpayer’s dollars stretched so thin, it would only make sense that we de-fund the NEA, who can’t be trusted with our money anyway, and use our tax dollars in a way that supports ordinary citizens rather than a corrupt administration and spoiled “artists.”

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