Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Day After

Yesterday was an exciting day for people who believe that this country has headed in the wrong direction and are determined to put us back on the right track. The reports that come out from the March on Washington DC are just phenomenal and when I see pictures like the following from Michelle Malkin I am so proud of my fellow citizens that I don’t know how to adequately put my emotions in to words.

Lost in all the excitement is that people came out all over the country to protest ObamaCare. Even my local Tampa Tribune didn’t think it was significant to cover the event I attended where 700 hundred people spent hours in the rain in Lakeland to protest the government takeover of every facet of our lives. (“Mother Trib” did manage to cover a small rally in by ObamaCare supporters) On that note I would like to send a special and deeply felt “thank you” to Paco, Doug Ross, Smitty and Jimmie Bise who linked my post.

Donald Douglas attended a Tea Party at the Wilshire Federal Building and has some terrific pictures of the event:

Donald also has this video via Richard McEnroe:

Go over to American Power and enjoy all the pictures.

Thank you to everyone who participated!

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