Monday, September 7, 2009

A Very Unhappy Labor Day

Over at NTC News the outlook for the country on this Labor Day can be summed up as "bad", "really bad" and "flat out sucks". Millions of workers aren't being included in that 9.7% unemployment rate because they have given up on finding work. A Rutgers survey of the unemployed describe them as shaken, traumatized people coping with serious financial and psychological effects from an economic downturn of epic proportion . . . The London Telegraph is reporting that Obama is repeating the mistakes of the Great Depression. Things can't get any worse? Wrong, we may be looking at 11% unemployment next year.

Bottom line-the "Stimulus" is a bust and those "shovel ready" jobs are a myth. The administration threw 787 BILLION dollars in to the wind with no oversight and with no regard for the the taxpayers who ponied up the money. This is the same administration that wants us to trust them with our health care.

Momma always told me that trust has to be earned. Obama hasn't earned it.

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