Monday, September 14, 2009

Does The GOP 'Elite" Think That We Are Extremists, Or Are We Just Too Uppity?

Via Memeorandum:

The L.A. Times article Some fear GOP is being carried to the extreme made me think of a woman who was at the Lakeland Tea Party this past Saturday. At fifty-one years old she had just been told that she suffers from a serious, chronic medical condition. Combine that with the fact that her elderly parents both also have medical conditions, she was partly there because of her personal investment in the future of healthcare. She also has two young grandchildren and worries about the effects the government’s reckless spending will have on their lives. Yes, I am talking about myself.

What would make anyone, particularly someone from my own political party, think that I am radical or extremist? Yes, I believe that my country has taken a very wrong turn, and yes, I have become an “activist.” But, and the powers that be in the Republican party need to understand this, I am your base.

I talked to people Saturday and to the last man and woman, they were just like me, unremarkable. We are simply ‘concerned citizens’ who have become more concerned as we see government intrusion in to our markets, our healthcare, our lives, spiral out of control. Some of us are angry and some are scared. None are resigned.

We want our children and our grandchildren to have a better life than we have had. We see that hope being taken away by a government who no longer holds itself accountable to “we the people.” We are not extremists, but we are determined. We are the voters.

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