Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Thinking of Home

Stacy McCain is hanging out in rural Kentucky and his posts are making me wistful. I doubt I'll ever leave Florida but I admit that when I think about home I think about Pulaski County Kentucky.

Stacy arrived in Clay County and discovered normal people. Seriously. I realize it is difficult for people who live in places that matter to imagine, but people in Kentucky are pretty much like people in important places except they're not nearly as snooty. In fact, they can actually read and write, speak English and as a percentage of the population, there are no more 'knuckle draggers' in rural Kentucky than there are in Los Angeles.

One of the first people Stacy met was Morgan Bowling, news director of her hometown paper, the Manchester Enterprise. She shared with Stacy an email she had received from a New Yorker (place that matters) regarding the Bill Sparkman death:

To M. Bowling
I just read the story on the AP about the Census worker who was hung. What
I want to ask you is, are you people for real down there? I mean what kind of
f---ing animals live in Clay County? I live in New York State, and this story is
above and beyond even for New York!Are you a bunch of uneducated, ignorant,
toothless, dirty scumbags? What f---ing century are the residents of Clay County
living in? Do you realize what this crime makes you people look like? Good God!
What kind of people are you? This is a story one would expect would come out of
Iraq or Afghanistan!What are you people, backwoods ignorant freaks? Let me tell
you this ranks up there with terrorists cutting peoples' heads off. This crime
is a reflection of all the residents of Clay County. Are you all proud of
that?What is the average education level of the residents of Clay County? Third
grade? You are all disgusting pigs, and if one could level a curse at a
community, then I curse the whole lot of you. May Clay County Kentucky be wiped
off the face of this earth by fire or some other disaster such as a flood or an
earthquake!! And may all the residents of Clay County -- man, woman, and child
-- rot away in Hell forever!!
Gary S-----Malta, N.Y.

What a charming missive. I wonder if, in the spirit of open mindedness displayed by Gary S if we should declare all the people of Malta, NY to be cut of the same cheap cloth as Gary? Turn the other cheek, Carolyn, he knows not the depth of his ignorance.

Stacy turned reports from Laurel County here and here. I have fond memories of Laurel County. Basketball rules in Kentucky and my Pulaski Co. Maroons beat 'em every time.

It is an incredible area filled with incredible people. A terrible thing happened to Mr. Sparkman there but we don't know who or why he died. A terrible thing is happening to the people in Clay County. The entire county is being maligned by the Lefty blogs and people with a Gary S mindset and not only do they not know the facts, I haven't seen any indication that they care about the facts. You can bet that if the facts turn out not to fit the Left's desired scenario their response will be, "Bill who?"

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