Sunday, September 27, 2009

For the Left it is 'story first, facts later'

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My brief report for The American Spectator:

"Yes, we are concerned about what people are saying on the blogs," a
Kentucky law enforcement official said Saturday night, speaking on condition of
anonymity.The murder of Bill Sparkman in Clay County, Ky., has caused bloggers to engage in widespread speculation about the motive for the killing. Sparkman was employed part-time conducting a Census Bureau survey. . . .The Kentucky State Police are coordinating the investigation of Sparkman's death. Trooper First Class Don Trosfer, based in the agency's London, Ky., Post 11 is the official spokesman for the investigation, but was unavailable for comment late Saturday.Another law-enforcement source, not authorized to speak about the case, said state and local officials are working closely with the FBI on the investigation. Internet gossip is a source of concern, he said."You'd be surprised what some of these morons write on the Internet . . . that they wouldn't say to somebody's face," the official said in a brief telephone interview. . . .

So, Stacy is off to my old stomping ground, I was raised in Pulaski County Kentucky, to check the story out for himself. Good for him. Too many have jumped to there own conclusions with no real knowledge of the facts based on their own flimsy ideology. Left wing bloggers are gleefully crying "gotcha", is new low. They couldn't care less about Bill Sparkman. They simply hope with all their tiny blackened souls that some crazy right winger killed him.

Do they know anything about the people in Clay County Kentucky or, cue up the dueling banjos, do they just assume that Sparkman was targeted by some backwood, inbred, government hating knuckle dragger? It has been two and a half decades since I've been home but I remember an incredibly kind and generous people who would no more target someone because he works for the government than they would target their own family.

So far we know that Bill Sparkman was murdered. We do not know anything else. Is it too much to ask the Left to withhold judgement until the local police have done their job and the facts are known?

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