Monday, June 8, 2009

Charlie Crist Should Be Ashamed

Via Memeoradum

I posted earlier at Not One Red Cent that Florida Governor Charlie Crist has been named a finalist in The Club for Growth “Comrade of the Month” contest for May. No small feat when you consider the stiff competition at all levels in the current administration. In bestowing this ‘honor’ on Crist the Club sited:

Crist signed a no-tax pledge when he was running for governor of Florida a few years ago. Now, as the state's top elected official, he has proceeded to break that very pledge by signing a tax hike into law last week as part of the state budget. But Crist didn't stop there. Earlier this week, he signed another tax hike...this time a 20% tax increase on businesses. Crist sure is some "Republican."

During a time of economic crisis Crist is increasing taxes in the state of Florida. Apparently my Governor is unaware that raising taxes is counter-productive to growth. In Taxes: Chasing Out The Rich, I sited a study by Arthur Laffer and Stephen Moore on the relationship between state income taxes and the effect those taxes have on states’ budget deficits. Laffer and Moore were able show conclusively that budget deficits increase when taxes increase.

The State of Florida needs to learn a lesson from Florida’s working families-don’t spend what you don’t have. Instead, Crist has tried to plug the budget gap by accepting stimulus money and increasing taxes on Florida families and Florida businesses. Granted, Florida has its share of ‘special interest’ groups crying poor mouth but that is no excuse for our state’s governor to act irresponsibly. Not only is he burdening the state’s citizens but by accepting stimulus money he has also placed a burden on the citizens of those states who have behaved in a fiscally responsible manner.

Being named a “comrade” by The Club for Growth should be an embarrassment to Gov. Crist. As a citizen of Florida, I certainly consider it shameful.


Anonymous said...

The Florida that I grew up in, is no longer.

The first fish, errr, nice folk that offer $500,000 or more for my Gulf front beach property in the panhandle, will completely end my ties to a State I once admired.

The only thing Florida that I will care about, are the Gators of Gainesville.

Carol said...

El Campeador, my little town, the world's Tomato capital, has rezoned my waterfront house. I am fairly certain I've invested well, though I consider the house I raised my kids in far more than an "investment". There will come a time when my parents are no longer two blocks away and then I'll be ready to go. My daughter, the Fair Lady Converse High Tops, is already gone to Arizona, taking my grandchildren with her. and my son, Voit Spalding,is grown in to a man. I'll miss it here.

Anonymous said...

Immokalee, wow.

"Invested well", I'd say so.

Completely understand your emotional attachment to the "waterfront house".

When that time comes, I'm sure you will enjoy Arizona.

OR you could choose a little place like I have, Gatlinburg, TN.

Permanment residents of the entire county, 75-100,000. Drive through occupants, somewhere between 8 and 10 million visitors each year through The Great Smoky's Mountains National Park.

Yes, I know every curvy, winding mountain road, where touristas are shot on sight, should they venture those