Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Too Be Aggrieved...Or Not

In Dear Angry Gay Democrats Stacy McCain invites gays and lesbians who have found themselves screwed over by the Democrats, again, to rethink their position and join the dark side. The Democratic Party is composed of:

A. Aggrieved women
B. Aggrieved people of color
C. Aggrieved gays and lesbians
D. Aggrieved Jews
E.. The people who use all of the above

I am a woman but I am not aggrieved therefore, Democrats have relegated me to the “Women Who Don’t Count Club” and I am eternally grateful for it. Democrats have no use for women in my club because we can’t be used. It is a situation which I find, to borrow from my aggrieved sisters, empowering. I can dive face first in to the deep end of the libertarian pool and people in my party may shake their heads, disagree or depending on the particular issue become completely flumboozled, but so far, no one from my party has called me a c**t or kicked me to the curb. And, if there is any using going on I have to admit I use my party to further my agenda.

I’m good with the dark side. I like the energy and passion and freedom that the free exchange brings to my life. I would strongly recommend my party to anyone in A-D above. We're very inclusive but please leave your grievances at the door. We don’t do whiners.

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