Friday, June 12, 2009

How The Hell Did This Happen?

Global Warming be damned, Hell has just frozen over! I agree with Bill Maher. Yes, I do know it’s INCREDIBLE but Billy just showed insight. Maher just compared Pres. Barack Obama to Lindsay Lohan. What’s next, me and Paris Hilton become BFFs? I need to go lie down.

Guess I’m not alone: Bill Maher is sick of seeing Obama on TV. So are conservatives. But if a Right-side pundit suggested Obama giving a WH tour was akin to the television show "Cribs," they'd be fired for being a racist. Riehl World View

And this: Even a Libtard like Bill Maher, who is about as slimy as they come, a far left nutjob, and Obama slurper is getting tired of his Hussein Obama on TV so much! Maher writes in his LA Times Op-eD whine that Obama is on TV even more than Vince, than the Shamwow guy! Maybe Maher is just ticked off he didn’t get a bailout for his huge movie failure that was such a flop at the box office. FireAndreaMitchell

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