Tuesday, June 30, 2009

God Bless The USEGB

That's The United States of Ever Growing Bureaucracy.

I had no more finished typing "How many times since the swearing in has he announced, “I’ve appointed …who will report directly to me.”?", when I came across President Barack Obama asked Congress on Tuesday to create a new agency to police the fine print on consumer products like credit cards and mortgages and determine what fees, penalties and interest rates are fair. Good Lord, is it just me or is there another “czar” just around the corner?

So what’s this latest power grab about?

The President is proposing a Consumer Financial Protection Agency to oversee consumer financial protection because what this country needs is another agency with a great big staff and a great big budget to ‘guide’ the poor, little ignorant sheeple who can’t manage their own financial affairs without Big Brother holding their hand. More concisely, Michelle Malkin calls it a Fine Print Czar.:

I don’t know about you, but the idea of anyone in Washington fuming about fine print while they ram thousand-page bills through Congress that no one bothers to read is, well, triple-snort-worthy.

The Daley Gator is also snorting:

Good freaking grief! These idiots cannot do anything right, yet they are reaching deeper into our lives every day. How about they stop trying to micro-manage our lives and start reading what they vote on, after they all read the UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION! Lord knows they could use a refresher course on that document!

Can I get an AMEN! Sheesh, how has this country survived 200+ years without Obama and his team of mighty flying monkeys up our tailpipes and dictating our every move? Enough with the bureaucracy.

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