Friday, June 26, 2009

What's Jim Brown's Problem With Tiger Woods?

How much do you know about the Tiger Woods Foundation? Did you know it has served over 10 million youth since 1996? Tiger Woods is one of those rare celebrities who does his job and lives his life without the need to call a lot of attention to himself. I find Wood’s low key attitude incredibly refreshing but according to this post at The Daley Gator, NFL Hall of Famer Jim Brown has a problem with Tiger:

“You know what’s so interesting about Tiger to me?” Brown said. “He is a killer, he will run over you, he will kick your ass. But as an individual for social change? Terrible. Terrible. Because he can get away with teaching kids to play golf, and that’s his contribution. In the real world, I can’t teach kids to play golf and that’s my contribution, if I’ve got that kind of power.” This isn’t the first time Brown has criticized Woods; last year Brown said he thinks Woods is too politically correct.

To each his own but I prefer people who chose act charitably without a lot of fanfare. Too many times famous people more than offset any good they do by calling attention to themselves in ways that are less than admirable and Mr. Brown is no exception:

Brown’s brief career with the Cleveland Browns put him in the Hall of Fame, but it was his embrace of an identity as a civil-rights activist in the face of rabid discrimination that set him apart from many other contemporary black athletes. His activism, including the creation of the Black Economic Union, drew the attention of the FBI—beginning a monumental investigation that would follow his every move for most of his life. Jim Brown’s private life was less admirable. Domestic violence, battery, and rape charges shadowed Brown’s reputation.

Tiger Woods and Jim Brown have taken a different path to helping others. Mr. Brown doesn’t help his cause by belittling a man who is admired both on and off the course and who has helped million of young people.

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