Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Obama And Consistency

Krauthammer on Honduras via NRO

Well, the president has a knack for getting all of these big decisions wrong. Two weeks ago, he refuses to meddle in a country where peaceful demonstrators are getting shot by a theocratic dictatorship. He doesn't want to choose sides.

And now he's eager to meddle on behalf of the president in Honduras who is a Chavez wannabe, who is strong-arming his way to a referendum—that has been declared illegal by his Supreme Court—as a way to...establish a constituent assembly which will establish a new constitution, which will be a Chavez-like dictatorship.

In both Iran and Honduras, President Obama has been absolutely consistent. He is against freedom. He has stated repeatedly that he would meet with Ahmadinejad without preconditions and current events haven’t changed his mind. He wants to ‘normalize’ relations with Chavez and Bashar al-Assad. Now, he is calling for the re-instatement of a president who has acted in direct contradiction to his own country’s Constitution. What are we to make of that? Is up now down?

If Barack Obama symbolizes anything, it is not hope or change; it is The Ruling Class and the concentration of power. How many times since the swearing in has he announced, “I’ve appointed …who will report directly to me.”? We’re up to what, twenty ’czars’, replete with staffs and multi-million dollar budgets, accountable to one man only. And now we have word of a Queen.

If Obama seems at best unconcerned about the ‘will of the people’ in other lands he has been contemptuous towards the opinions of the citizens in his own country. To his credit, he’ll never be accused of ruling by poll results.

The upshot is that Obama admires the Ahmadinejads, Chavezs and Castros of the world. Look for more and more control to become more and more concentrated.

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