Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Left Uses Evil To Their Benefit

Don Surber: It turns out the Holocaust Museum killer is a registered Democrat who hates Fox News. If that is supposed to make me feel better, it does not.
It turns out that James von Brunn isn’t at all what every person on the Left has cracked him up to be. He isn’t the far right, Christian nutcase that fit the Left’s agenda to a “T”. In their scenario, Stephen T. Johns’ name doesn’t even rate a mention.

Prof. Jacobson nailed it when he wrote:

Although the shooting is only hours old, numerous blogs already are attempting to tie the act of violence to conservatives and criticism of the Obama administration's overly broad definition of those who are "extremists." Posts such as "this looks like the latest episode in what is looking like the spate of right-wing violence we've been predicting" or "the right wing has lost whatever restraint it had" or "perhaps it’ll be time to revisit all that criticism of the DHS report" are highly irresponsible attempts to take political advantage of this apparently lone-wolf tragedy.

The Left didn’t see the attack at the Holocaust Museum as the terrible tragedy-for them, it was a chance to smear conservatives. Stacy McCain, commenting on Joan Walsh’s diatribe, typical of her ilk, said, “OK, sweetie, that's two "extremes" and three "right-wings" in two paragraphs, which is laying it on a bit thick, don't you think?”

Sometimes the facts are simple. James von Brunn is a hater and he’s been a hater for decades. This isn’t a “right wing” attack. This is a lone crazy man who acted on his hate in a horrific way. He is the opposite of the hero he killed. Sadly, yesterday they both became tools for the Left..

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