Friday, June 5, 2009

Progressive Hate

Ask any "Progressive" and they will tell you that by virtue of their innate superiority and advanced state of enlightenment that their hate is entirely justified. In fact, they are actually taking the moral high ground when they hate.

I'm not talking about run of the mill hate. You know, the "BushHitler McChimpy" yada, yada stuff. Progressives tittered at all that but even they knew that it was amature. The pros operated on a much higher level. The best and brightest of the Progressives wrote articles, created games and made a movie fantasizing about the assassination of the President. This was all perfectly acceptable because they were endowed by their Creator to speak truth to the power.

As if they hadn't been embarrassed enough in the eyes of The World by the wretched Bush, up from the bowels of absolutely NoWhere, Alaska came a beauty queen who thought she was qualified to represent them? The woman had five children by the same man for goodness sakes! The Progressives had no choice but speak out. They couldn't possibly allow the French to believe that Sarah "Caribou Killer" Palin was representative of American women. Thank goodness for brave, liberated Sandra Bernhard who put that she-beast in her place!

That is the crux of the problem, isn't it? Those ill-informed, low life, redneck conservatives just don't know their station in life. If they would simply keep to themselves (and stop breeding) Progressives would be most happy to ignore them. Now, as if things could get any worse, there is a whole gaggle of conservative women who insist on expressing opinions! Honestly!

What will come of this country if women like this are allowed to speak out:

A Progressives' work is never done.

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