Sunday, June 14, 2009

Why Is Obama Silent On The Iranian "Election"?

The people of Iran were poised to take their country back from the evil Ahmadinejad. We know now that thanks to ACORN in Iran the citizens of Iran never had a chance. Former Prime Minister Mir Hussein Mousavi led in the polls throughout the campaign yet lost by a 2 to 1 margin, including in his own home district. Anyone with a brain recognizes that everything about this “election” stinks.

Writing in What Happened In Iran, Gordon Robison writes that there are three possible scenarios:

Scenario One: Ahmedinejad and his supporters stole the election, plain and simple. The revolutionary old guard felt threatened by the reformists so it rigged the vote to guarantee a conservative victory. As is usual in such cases there are rumors of ballot boxes stuffed, of precincts reporting numbers completely at variance with what poll watchers observed, etc., etc.

Scenario Two: There has been a coup. Ahmedinejad and the security services have taken over. The Supreme Leader has been preserved as a figurehead, but the structures of clerical rule have effectively been gutted and are being replaced by a National Security State.

Scenario Three: Ahmedinejad won.

There is no evidence that scenario three has any validity which begs the question, “how should the United States deal with Iran going forward?”
Prof Jacobson at Legal Insurrection has a very good suggestion for Pres. Obama:

Voice unequivocal support for the Iranian people. Withhold recognition of the election without international verification. Getting "out of the way" is not enough; widespread international support could be the key to whether the nascent Iranian revolution goes the way of Poland, the Soviet Union, Ukraine and Georgia .... or goes the way of Venezuela.

Should Pres. Obama support the illegitimate Ahmedinejad regime he will speak volumes to the United States’ commitment to freedom in the world.

Reaction to the election: Gateway Pundit, Cold Fury, RedState, The Riehl World, Hot Air, El Campeador

Update: I’ve been watching the Iranian election fairly closely, being one of those naïve types that (mistakenly) believes that in the end good always wins out. I have been decidedly wrong in this case. Unfortunately, some on the Left have decided to let their BDS over-rule their honesty. They would do well to inquire where the current administration stands than waste their time scurrilously bemoaning the previous administration. Unless, of course, freedom is less important to them than ideology.

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