Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Was Letterman Ever Funny?

I was perusing NTC News when I came across a post by Moe Lane at RedState in the sidebar:

David Letterman jokes about Alex Rodriguez raping Willow Palin

What kind of sick son of a bitch jokes about a fourteen year old girl being raped? Was he not satisfied with calling Sarah Palin slutty? Who is this bastard’s target audience, child molesters between the ages of sixty and eighty? Obviously Letterman has no sense of shame or decency or he wouldn’t “joke” about the sexual abuse of a child privately; to publicly josh(?) about something so grotesque takes the term ‘pervert’ to a whole new level.

I agree with my friend El Campeador, Todd Palin should knock the smug of Letterman’s face and send it sailing straight up his donkey ass.

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Jason Baugher said...

Why bother? Letterman stopped being funny years ago when he stopped being original and started just regurgitating the liberal party line, ridiculing Republican leaders every chance he gets. Sadly, I don't think he even knows any better. As long as the big-shots shake his hand and tell him what a good boy he is at cocktail parties, he'll keep up the same schtick.

Carol said...

Jason I know you are right but when did it become okay to make that kind of "joke" about a 14 year old on national television?

Jason Baugher said...

It's never been right to make mean hurtful jokes about someone's kids, especially underage ones too young to defend themselves. Sarah Palin is the public figure here - she's the adult to stepped into the spotlight. She's can defend herself, and so she's fair game. Her kids, on the other hand, should be off-limits.

My essential point was that sometimes bringing attention to someone like Letterman is what really gives them his power. As stupid and tacky as Letterman's comments were, those comments alone won't boost his ratings - but everyone across the planet talking about what he said WILL.