Friday, June 19, 2009

The Crazies Come Out

As we watch what could well be the beginning of a revolution in Iran many in this country, myself included, can not fathom the response, lack of response actually by our own government. Iran, freed from the suppression of the theocracy and its front man Ahmadinejad, could be a powerful ally to the United States in the region. Think of how the dynamics in the Middle East would change should Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Israel and the United States found themselves on the same page. That may sound like a pipedream but the only way to know for sure is to support the Iranians in the streets.

Along comes the Left to use this situation to advance their own interests and the hundreds of thousands of peaceful protesters in Iran be damned. William A. Jacobson:

Sullivan's post, The Khamenei-NeoCon Agreement, is the latest in his recurring conspiracy theory that supporters of freedom for Iranians are actually against freedom for Iranians.

What passes as conventional wisdom on the Left says that neo-cons in the United States are supporting the protesters knowing that continued demonstrations will result in a brutal crackdown by Ahmadinejad. In theory, the neo-cons will use the brutality as an excuse to attack Iran.

We may have a new administration in town but the Derangement Syndrome hasn’t changed. Moe Lane writes:

*The stages go like this:

Stage One: Well, that’s odd. A tentative foray into what may be in fact not conspiracy thinking, but merely heretical scholarship. Many respectable scholars flirt with this stage, and some seem to delight in flaunting their embrace of it; their more staid colleagues are usually indulgent.

Stage Two: Embracing the Crazy. This is full-bore crank territory, and is typically accompanied by more enthusiasm than rationality. Sufferers are usually disliked for it inside their field, but are often not particularly discriminated against outside of it.

Stage Three: It’s all because of the Jews. Irreversible. Incurable. At absolute best, rather sad.

The response in the US to the events in Iran point to the fundamental differences between the Right and Left. The Right sees this as an opportunity to advance freedom in the Middle East. The Left sees it as an opportunity to take a swipe at Conservatives.

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