Sunday, June 14, 2009

Dennis Kucinich, (D) Outer Space, Provides Cover For The Thug Administration

In April, 1989 Citizens and Southern Bank fought unsuccessfully to avoid a takeover from NCNB. The merger took place and NationsBank, the fore bearer to Bank of America was formed. I was an employee of Citizens and Southern at the time. Several months after the merger I was “separated”-I no longer had any desire to work for NationsBank and they had no desire to further employ me. All this is important only by means of explaining that I have absolutely no kind feelings towards Ken Lewis, CEO of Bank of America (or for Alex Sink formerly of NCNB/NationsBank/BOA and currently CFO of Florida and aspiring Florida governor) however, Dennis Kucinich, (D) Tin Foil, is being blatantly dishonest in his grilling of Ken Lewis. If Kucinich, (D) Beam Me Up Scotty, had any interest in the truth he would have let Mr. Lewis answer the question instead of trying to manipulating his words. Sadly, the current administration has become well known for its strong arm tactics. I would at least feel a little bit better if they would cut all the “yo, youse talkin about me” crap.

h/t Don Surber

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