Sunday, June 21, 2009

Today's Ugly Lapdog Award Goes To...

NY TIMES + Ginned Up Poll Data =

The President's healthcare plan has been treading water of late so Obama's faithful lapdog, The New York Times, leapt into action! The result was a poll that showed that 72% of Americans love the President's health and can't wait to pay for. Pretty impressive. Except...

The Times basically faked the poll. They chose respondents who by an aoverwhelming majority voted for Obama. In fact, they chose Obama supporters almost two to one.

As they said over at Maggie's Farm, “The New York Times, otherwise known as the Grey Lady, might more appropriately be known as Obama’s Shady Lady. Believe its poll and get a Times Square disease."

Here are the numbers as reported by NewsBusters:

[A]ccording to the actual poll data, of the 73% of respondents who said they voted in 2008 only 34% voted for McCain and 66% for Obama.

As can be plainly seen on page 7 of the poll's data, only 73 percent of respondents divulged who they voted for last November. 48 percent said Obama, 25 percent McCain.

What this means is this poll surveyed 66 percent Obama supporters versus 34 percent McCain.

It's a shame really. The Times makes one scroungy lapdog.

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