Tuesday, June 30, 2009

There's A Time To Stop Talking

June 30, 2009

The Honorable Mark Sanford
Columbia, South Carolina

RE: SC gov 'crossed lines' with women

Dear Gov. Sanford:

With all due respect sir, I have a request. Shut up. Please, just shut up.

Your wife is showing an incredible amount of dignity under the circumstances and she deserves better than to be subjected to your public confessions of love for another woman.

Best I can figure out, you do have deeply held religious beliefs. You conducted yourself in contradiction to those beliefs and now you feel guilty. You should. Understand, you have not earned the right to unburden yourself at your families expense. And trust me, you only make yourself look worse (if possible) by mooning about Chapur being your “soul-mate”. In fact, it would be better that you not mention Chapur again.

The lost little puppy dog act needs to stop. You have a state to run and a family to heal. This isn’t about you. Take care of business and learn to say, “no comment.”



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