Thursday, June 25, 2009

The True Cost of Cap And Trade

RS McCain quotes Rep. Spencer Bachus on Cap and Trade:

The Democrat leadership is preventing the public from learning important details about the cap and tax plan by bypassing several key committees. . . .

My committee should be given time to review "green housing" mandates that could lead to stiff fines against owners and builders. Penalties for violating the act are $100 per day. A day! What effect does such a law have on home prices, on seniors trying to sell their home in a tough market, and builders struggling to sell their inventory of unsold homes?

I am very disturbed by the repeated pattern of the House leadership in rushing expensive legislation like cap and tax, the so-called stimulus package, and appropriations bills to a vote without adequate review or debate…

This is the wrong bill and the wrong time but the Democrats are trying to ram it through at break neck speed without proper review. If passed, this bill will lead to higher unemployment, higher energy bills and will kill an already struggling economy.

Remember, higher energy costs affect every aspect of our lives. That it will cost more to drive to work or heat or cool our houses is a given but it won’t stop there. The cost of every item that we purchase will increase due to increased transportation costs. Municipalities will be forced to increase property taxes to cover the increased energy costs for schools, libraries, public transportation, on and on.

It is the middle and lower classes that will suffer most. This is not the change that candidate Barack Obama promised but it is the change that President Barack Obama is responsible for.

Update: Lies And The Lying Liars Who Tell Them Well they’d never get the damn thing passed if they were honest would they?

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