Sunday, June 7, 2009

The National Healthcare 'Outline'

We all knew Nationalized Healthcare was coming, deficit be damned, and now the ‘outline’ has been released. Take a moment to savor this tidbit from Bloomberg:

House Democrats are weighing health care overhaul legislation that would require Americans to have health insurance, with some exceptions, according to an outline circulating in Washington.

The exceptions will likely include those who can prove they can’t find an affordable policy, and there could be a tax penalty for those with adequate financial resources who don’t elect to get insurance, according to the outline. (the emphasis is mine)

So, if some healthy twenty-five year old decides he would rather spend his discretionary income chasing skirts rather than insurance premiums, the Government is going to step in and foist tax penalties on the him. Nothing over-reaching about that. Well not if you accept that the Government has the right to tell individuals how to behave and thus, punish individuals when they misbehave. Perhaps we should throw health insurance in with seatbelt laws and other nonsense that really isn’t any Government’s business but they get away with anyway. It is not as if individual liberty, including the liberty to be stupid or irresponsible, has been cherished and upheld in this country for over two hundred years.

I also find it interesting that the Government would make an exception for “those who can prove they can’t find an affordable policy.” Um, aren’t they the majority of people who make that ‘46 million’ uninsured we keep hearing about? Since the whole point of this over-haul is to ensure that we insure every man, woman and child within our borders does anyone believe that “those who can prove they can’t find an affordable policy” will be exempt? No, that would be pointless. They will be covered under this Administrations “what is in your wallet” policy. Namely, bend over taxpayer, your government is about to make an entrance.

The Republicans in Congress, along with any reputable Blue Dogs, need to fight this craziness tooth and nail. This Administration is copycatting Castro and there is no reason to believe that the end results will be any prettier.

h/t NTC News

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