Wednesday, June 17, 2009

We Won, Letterman Lost-Let's Move On To The Next Battle

I’ve read Jim Treacher's take on David Letterman’s latest apology and I’ve decided that if Jim (and Sarah Palin) can accept Letterman’s apology I guess I can too. If the “I guess” makes it sound like I’m accepting grudgingly, I am. The joke was demeaning and cruel. I know exactly where Cynthia Yockey is coming from (although I disagree strongly with referring to the sexist treatment of women in this country as American Sharia). Letterman started in the gutter and then he dug it deeper. We won this round folks and it is time to, briefly, enjoy the victory and figure out how to repeat it.

The problem is a culture of incivility ON THE LEFT. People on the Right simply do not act like potty mouthed little children. The good news is that according to Gallup 40% of Americans consider themselves ’conservative’ and 9% self-identify as ’very conservative’. We are the majority. The bad news is that we are letting the minority make the rules and control the game.

The Left believes that the loudest, nastiest person wins the argument. Take any issue, present a liberal with the facts and then sit back and watch the liberal ignore the facts and instead launch in to a personal attack. This is the Left’s fallback position and their fatal flaw. The public in general, not just conservatives, responded so strongly to Letterman’s attack on Sarah Palin and her children because it was based solely on personality. Most people agree that attacks on Gov. Palin’s positions on abortion, drilling, etc., are fair game.

Everyone except the far left agree that attacks on Palin herself, and her family, are unfair. This is why it is important that we accept the victory and move on to the next battle before “the public” comes to believe that we have pushed this too far. If we don’t except the apology and call a truce now we risk alienating “the public” which in turn, will boom-a-rang on Sarah Palin.

So when these things happen we need to keep our focus on the unfairness of the attack, hand the offender a shovel and enjoy the victory without turning it in to a loss.

h/t Hot Air and Cynthia Yockey

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Greg said...

I found it particularly interesting that NOW, after joining in the attacks on Gov. Palin for almost ten months, decided that Letterboy's latest round of "jokes" went too far. We all know that NOW is, essentially, a single issue organization, abortion, and anyone who challenges their position, male or female, will be savaged by NOW. We know that Palin did not change her position on abortion, so what made the difference? Hopefully, it was the rank and file members of that organization which applied pressure to the old guard at the top, to take a stand for what is right, and not let their ideology stand in the way for once.

Naturally, the left has gone ballistic over the fact that Gov. Palin's statement included a plug for the military, and its role in preserving our freedom of speech. The left hates the military, hates anyone who is pro-life, and just hates anyone who disagrees with them on anything.