Saturday, June 27, 2009

Rodents In The House

From Michelle Malkin:

Shown above are the eight RINO rats who voted FOR Cap and Trade. Hold these rodents accountable for selling out and work to ensure that this will be their last term in the House.

UPDATE: Just sitting here wondering when we became so stupid. I came across this apt but depressing analogy at Babalu:

Well, amigos. Many of us engage in ritual self-flagellation: "How did so many Cubans fall for Castro? Wasn't his message transparently idiotic? (authoritarian) I mean, to all such "idealistic measures" there are questions: Who's paying?...and how much?...demand? etc?"
Yet multitudes of morons (and scoundrels) hailed Castro?

Well, with the (narrow) passing of this "cap and trade bill," let's admit that 1959 era Cubans were not peculiar by their stupidity.

In brief: We're now royally F***ED!


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