Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Coming Healthcare Nightmare

Please take a look at Megyn Kelly interviewing Socialist Bernie Sanders on nationalized health care:

Note that Sanders is throwing around "46 million uninsured" without any qualifiers. He doesn't mention that included in that figure is upwards to 20 million illegal aliens who do receive health care on the taxpayer's dime at both clinics and emergency rooms throughout the United States. He doesn't mention that his figure may include as many as 10 million people who may be eligible for health care through their employer. And when confronted with the estimated cost of universal health care he feigns ignorance.

The Democrats are trying to ram this through Congress without debate and without regard to taxpayers who have made it quite clear that they do not want government sponsored health care. Democrats are dismissing the very real fear that people will end up with health care that inferior to what they now enjoy.

Taxpayers are being ignored by the elected representatives at every turn. No American should take 'wait and see' attitude about this. Now is the time to speak out.

h/t Gateway Pundit

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