Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Remember "Hitler's Youth"? Coming To A Public School Near You...Updated

Remember that ookey video that came out right after Obama was elected, I Pledge? If you've forgotten, it is the one where a bunch of Hollywood sycophants pledged fealty to Lord Obama. It can be useful to show to children if you follow it up with the warning, "this is what happens to people who use drugs."

According to Michelle Malkin, a school principal in Utah decided to show the video at a school assembly because, well foisting political propaganda to young impressionable children is all the Leftist rage these days.

On September 8th, our Supreme Leader will be coming to a classroom near you, or as Jimmie at The Sundries Shack puts it, “Ask not what the country can do for you, rather write down what you can do for the President in a letter and give it to your teacher so that a few months from now she can give it back to you and hold you accountable for not giving the President your all.”

My daughter recently told me that she appreciates that my grandkids wear uniforms at their charter school. I have no doubt that soon all children at public schools will be wearing uniforms as well. Won't they look nice in those cute little brown shirts?

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From American Power:

Anyway, this isn't some fringe group trying to ram this crap down people's throats (I that freak Repsac3 would say). This is more hard-left ideological programming straight from the mainstream Democratic Party establishment - and it is not okay.

From Babalu:

As you watch this video with the usual gang of leftist wanker millionaires from Hollywood, you will see some things being said that one would have no issues with. Then they start adding stuff in there about stem cell research, about going green and buying a hybrid, about not using plastic and about only flushing the toilet when you take a crap. And then at the end, you see the pitch of pledging allegiance to Obama. Scary crap folks. We here take an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States; not to any person. We are not subjects to any mortal man. The President works for us; we don't work for him. Watch the video below... and join me in shaking your head in utter disgust. If they had kept the controversial and political things out of this, it might have been a good idea and video to promote community service. But they are asking more here. It's over the line especially to show to elementary school kids.

From Riehl World View:

Are you troubled by this? Don't be. He's simply going to appeal to those bright young prospects of our public schools to mail a part of their stash to Barry at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Word is, the Secret Service has been giving him fits trying to sneak in some good herb.

And if the kid doesn't use? No worries, just steal some of your parent's stash and send it on in. You don't even have to give them up in Obama's new world!! It's cool, cuz O's the man! The only upside is that I suspect most of the kids will just ignore him.

My take? It’s no longer what they can do “for the children”, it’s what the can do “to the children.”